Rotary Furnace of Monometer England, Bottom casting stationary type 2.5 MT molten metal Capacity with 4 times rotation of production of 10MT per day.

Reverobatory Furnace 5MT metal capacity with 3 times of 15MT per day rotation of production.

Holding Furnace with Crucible Hydraulic Tilting type, 250 Kg of Aluminum molten metal capacity.

Advanced CCD Based Optical Emission Spectrometer Q4 Tasman" Bruker Quantron GmbH.

Optical Emission Spectrometer "Baird" & "SpectroLab" for analyzing of metal Alloys.

Smoke and Air Pollution Control unit with Water Scrubber.

Ingot Casting Conveyor with 160 moulds capacity.

Fork-Lifter of 3.0MT capacity.

Metal Dross Processing unit.

Bailing Machine
Manufacturer of Aluminum Alloys