Sun Metal follows strict Quality Control and Quality Assurance standards through out the process from bottom to finished products before despatch.

Control of Chemical Composition & quality assurance we have "BAIRD"
Spectro Metal Analyzers DV-2000,

Advanced CCD Based Optical Emission Spectrometer Q4 Tasman" Bruker Quantron GmbH & Spectro Lab. Equipped with MBH Standard Certified Reference Material. The certified values are derived from the results of an interlaboratory testing programme.

SMIL provide a Mill Test Certificate of manufactured alloy as per alloy chemical composition
Sun Metal has opted to implement ISO-9001: 2008 Quality Management System in its organization.

SMIL Quality Manual describes the Quality Policy and the Quality Programs designed in relation with the elements of the ISO-9001: 2008 Quality System. Its purpose is to provide in writing descriptive details of the Quality Management System adopted to ensure conformance to the customer's requirements. It will serve as a reference for implementing and maintaining Sun Metal Quality Management System.
Manufacturer of Aluminum Alloys